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Red Diamond Girls : Erotic Vacations in the Dominican Republic

red diamond girls
When you’re looking for a holiday in the sun and sand, there is usually a third component that people look for. When you’re on the beach, you want the chance to watch the hot local women, and dream of the chance you’d have with one of them. There is a way that it doesn’t have to be a chance though, when you can find a resort that provides you with your own local guide for a special erotic holiday.

It’s not just a dream when there are local girls that love the chance to spend some vacation time with single guys and couples. Why just have that relaxing time on the beach, when these guides will show you the ins and outs of the local flavor, and all the relaxing times you can have in the privacy of your own rooms. These all inclusive resorts want to make sure your time there is always special, with local girls that have a vested interest that your vacation goes off as well as you may hope.


The French Connection Swinging Holidays Sex Resort in Peyraille, France

The French Connection Swinging Holidays sex resort is located in Peyraille, France. The Maison Peyraille, as it’s also known, is a really unique combination of an erotic holiday combined with a high end all inclusive sort. All meals are made fresh daily and served family style. The packages are reasonably priced, and are based on the type and size of suite selected. Outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and visits to local landmarks are encouraged. In fact, the only feature that distinguishes this resort from a traditional one is the focus on swinging.

Become a Sex God

The owners of Maison Peyraille are very involved in making the guests comfortable, which frequently means all day sex parties. Some of these parties are themed, available to all guests or by invitation only. There are a number of areas reserved for couples to observe or particulate in sexual activities. A large mattress and numerous sex swings, chairs and devices are available 24 hours a day. This sex resort places a high value on the guest experience as compared to other erotic resorts. Men, women and couples from all nations are warmly welcomed. There are absolutely no escorts, hostesses or other sex for hire services available here.

While mainly swingers have bookmarked The French Connection as their ideal destination, many couples and individuals have trekked there for a more therapeutic vacation. The act of sex in public is considered a taboo, but seeing loving couples engaged in the throws of intimacy can have a positive effect on the psyche. This resort offers much more than swinging sex. Long lasting friendships, improved self esteem and relationships have all been the result of a stay at Maision Peyraille.


Total Satisfaction Adult Holiday Resort in the Dominican Republic

Total Satisfaction Adult Holiday Resort is a quaint erotic holiday destination in the Dominican Republic. The resort makes no apologies as their main focus is sex. Extras such as boating, fishing and scuba diving are not included in the package price. The rooms are neat and clean, and perks such as internet and cable television. The resort is geared towards single men as reference is made towards packages for couples or women.

How To Have The Best Sex Humanly Possible!

From their website, there is a large selection of girls to choose from but unfortunately no stats on them were found. The girls are very attractive and safe sex is promoted. An additional escort is available for a change of $250 a day, but don’t necessarily expect hot lesbian action. These are just regular every day girls who just happen to be very attractive, so they are not on the same level as full service prostitutes.  You will have to make arrangements with the resort staff in advance if you have a specific fantasy in mind.

Set on a picturesque island in the Caribbean, a trip to the beach is a short drive away. There are plenty of outside activities that can be planned for you, but this will cost additional money. The good news is that meals, escorts, lodging and travel to and from the airport are included in the package price. You are also free to bring your video camera to record what will be a very memorable and sexy vacation.

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